Since 2009, Southern Jersey Family Medical Center (SJFMC) has occupied 6,000 square feet within an existing two-story building along High Street in Burlington, N.J. In 2013, SJFMC had the opportunity to purchase the entire building of approximately 20,000 square feet; it asked its original architect and interior design firm, MPM Studio LLC, to develop the expansion.


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The existing H-shaped footprint allowed designers to centrally locate a new main entrance directly off the parking lot, which allowed for easy patient drop-off and pick-up. It also offered an opportunity to create this entrance with an atrium set behind an exterior courtyard to emphasize a strong identity and create a central node for easy wayfinding. The new atrium, with an inverted vaulted roof, allows natural light to enter the central portion of the building during the day and emit a glowing light at night. This new entrance allows patient direct access to the new OB/GYN services and care management department on the first floor and the dental and community services on the second floor. Maple-colored ceiling panels added to the underside of the inverted arch form adds comforting warmth to the glow of the facility.

This atrium is the first component in the development of the new layout to offer an easy circulation and operational flow within the existing shape of the space. Charcoal-colored, horizontal metal siding was added to the exterior of the building and creates visual interest and contrast against the existing brick veneer. Metal sun shades over the window openings match the horizontal siding and add layered texture to the façade. Smooth, lighter colored metal panels were added as well, all combining to create a new outward appearance for the facility.

Curved soffits inspired by the inverted arched roof of the atrium accentuate the forms of the interior spaces as well as define particular nodes of activity. Subtle textures with contrasting finishes were selected throughout the facility to create a soothing and comfortable experience for patrons and staff.

The project was completed in December 2015 and extends out to the rest of the site with landscaping and vegetable gardens, designed to offer a revitalizing environment for the community.

Kristin D. Zeit, as seen in Healthcare Design Magazine